What’s Your New Tier Resolution?

Every employer knows that the majority of their people have faced a very tough year throughout 2020.

In the past, Jan 1st has presented us all with the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and begin the new year with a renewed lease of positivity. Join a gym. Start a new diet. Make a promise to ourselves to do better or to try harder. In general, we all look at the New Year ahead as a fresh start where we can leave the baggage of last year behind us.

Unfortunately, 2021 is different as the hangover from 2020 is dragging into the New Year and the continued threat of the virus and the consequential tier restrictions makes it tough to remain optimistic and positive.

It’s not all doom and gloom as MyMindPal can help your business to navigate the landscape and help your people to manage the road ahead.

What can employers do to help their people start 2021?

The biggest thing you can do to help your people this year is to show them that you understand the challenges that they face and that you are providing tools to support them. This needs to be followed by quick and easy access to a range of benefits that enhance their wellbeing during their greatest hour of need.

The prediction of a population-level mental health crisis is well-founded and it is vital to provide resources to keep your people mentally fit. Likewise, with gyms being closed and the winter weather, it’s important to keep the UK workforce active.

Mental Fitness app’s

Online exercise classes

Access to healthy food options

Vitamin D to boost the immune system

Sleep support tools

MyMindPal is committed to delivering Mental Fitness support to the UK’s workforce regardless of the size of the business.

We asked Simon Moyle, Commercial Director at Vivup about how he feels MyMindPal has helped strengthen their offering to cover half of the UK’s NHS Trusts:

“We are really pleased to enter into a partnership with MyMindPal, not just because of the great product they have created but also because of the ethos and strategy behind their business matches our own.”