MyMindPal for your People

Building a mentally fit workforce by enabling your people to:

Become more resilient

Reduce levels of stress

Enhance positive thinking styles

Live in the present moment

Build healthier behaviours

Supporting the employees of…

The Need

The total number of working days lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2022/23 was 17.1 million days.


The percentage of work-related ill health cases caused by stress, depression and anxiety


Of work days lost due to ill health, 57% were because of stress, depression and anxiety

Source – HSE data 2022/23

So how do we solve the workforce mental health crisis?

Prevention and early risk identification are the two most effective ways to protect the welfare of your people and the cost impact to your bottom line.

MyMindPal builds mental fitness and directs those at risk to the appropriate support.

The Science

Our Purpose

We help everyday working people by strengthening their ability to handle life’s challenges and navigate those who need immediate help to a confidential and safe place.

We are all about fighting the causes of stress and mental health and not just handling the symptoms. Ensuring individuals thrive, companies prosper and society benefits.


Everything we do is based on simplicity, accessibility and engagement.

MyMindPal makes it easy for any size of business to get the word out and start protecting its people.

We also provide a flexible in app area, so your employees can access al their wellbeing benefits in one place.

Art & Science

Our team consists of respected behavioural scientists, psychologists and therapists, talented copywriters and creatives, and a tech-savvy development team delivering a seamless user experience.

It has taken 5 years of this combined talent to make our app so simple to use and effective.

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Our Team

Our team consists of respected behavioural scientists, psychologists and therapists, talented copywriters and creatives, supported by a tech-savvy back end team delivering a seamless user experience.

Meet the Founders

5 Minutes a day

“Just five minutes per day of mental fitness exercise can make a huge difference to your present and future mental health.”

Khody Damestani

Therapist, and founder of MyMindPal

It’s easy to add MyMindPal to an existing suite of benefits.

MyMindPal is an easy to access App which is with your People wherever they take their phone.  Simple to download, use and completely confidential.

Whether you want to support the mental wellbeing of your People and you already have a comprehensive suite of support tools, but nothing which addresses mental wellbeing – or you’re looking for a simple standalone product to give your People access to tools and resources to help their mental wellbeing, MyMindPal fits seamlessly around your business needs.

If you have 5 employees or 50,000 in an office, a hospital, or on a construction site– every employee, across every industry deserves to have their mental wellbeing supported

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