The Science

Our Philosophy

MyMindPal is a Mental Fitness app that helps everyday people to stress less and enjoy life more. Everything we do is based on the Science of Positive Behaviour Change, with a twist…

We have removed all the academic stuff and created 100’s of simple and creative exercises to make your Mental Fitness journey fun. Best of all, it can take as little as a few minutes a day before you begin to experience noticeable benefits.

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Our Methodology

The MyMindPal – F.A.C.T Method© – brings together everything science has to offer, so that you can create a happier healthier version of you.

How you Feel, Act, Cope and Think will determine your levels of stress and emotional wellbeing…FACT!

Not A One Trick Pony

MyMindPal combines all of the models, frameworks, tools and strategies that can positively enhance emotional wellbeing and improve health behaviour.

We refer to this as the MyMindPal ‘Big 6’, and like any winning formula, the combination of these is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

The MyMindPal
‘Big 6’

Our contributors include a world renowned behavioural scientist, psychologist, therapist and neuroscientist. We then combine their brilliant knowledge with a team of tech savvy and talented creatives.

The MyMindPal App delivers all of the ‘Big 6’ evidence based approaches which will help you to thrive in a modern and uncertain world.

Horses for Courses

We are all unique and experience the world in our own individual way. Therefore each of us requires the autonomy to engage with a variety of different approaches to help us to handle life’s challenges.

That’s why we use a wide range of techniques that we then match to each individual user.

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Game Changers

MyMindPal is leading the way into a new era in which therapeutic techniques are translated into simple exercises for everyday people.

“If the Body is Calm then the Mind will follow”

Khody Damestani

Therapist, and founder of MyMindPal

Stress arousal is activated in your nervous system and not your mind. This fact is often neglected when developing mental health interventions. A balanced nervous system is an essential foundation of wellbeing.

Traditional talk therapies only tend to target the mind. Somatic techniques are the gateway to your nervous system and consist of simple exercises that direct your attention to your body. These exercises calm the nervous system and help to restore wellbeing in both the mind and the body.