Meet the Founders

Meet the Founders at MyMindPal

Jason Blyth

Director and Founder

Why did you start MyMindPal?

I have always been interested in helping people deal with life’s challenges. I know first hand, how small changes can make a significant difference to any individual’s mental fitness.

What is mental fitness?

I think it’s important to distinguish between prevention and the need for urgent intervention. MyMindPal provides tools that are effective in order to prevent future mental health issues, that’s why we call it mental fitness. It’s the mind’s equivalent to doing just enough physical fitness to stay healthy.

Someone suffering from an extreme mental health condition needs clinical intervention. Post intervention, MyMindPal provides tools which are complementary alongside ongoing clinical therapy services.

How did you both come together with this idea?

That’s easy, we are best friends. We share the same vision and values with differing skill sets. Khody provides the clinical expertise and informs the content. I ensure that everything we deliver is easy to understand and make use of. Our main motivation was to create an accessible and affordable solution for millions of people who are suffering in silence.

Khody Damestani

Clinical Therapist & Co-Founder

What type of exercises have you included in MyMindPal and why?

There are a range of different evidence based frameworks and strategies to help individuals build their mental fitness levels. We provide tools which include, cognitive interventions, positive psychology strategies and somatic techniques. Like any winning formula, the combination of these is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

How is MyMindPal different from talk therapy?

Stress arousal is activated in your nervous system and not your mind. This fact is often neglected when developing mental health interventions. A balanced nervous system is an essential foundation of well-being.

Traditional talk therapies only tend to target the mind. Somatic techniques are the gateway to your nervous system and consist of simple exercises that direct your attention to your body. These exercises calm the nervous system and help to restore well-being in both the mind and the body.

Have you noticed an increase in poor mental health in recent years?

We live more complex lives and we are exposed to a great deal of information, compared with previous generations. The roll up effect of a pandemic, the threat of war and cost of living crisis, have negatively impacted the mental wellbeing of millions of people.

Whilst I treat many people with a long history of mental health issues, there appears to be an ever growing number of new clients who’s window of tolerance has reached a critical point.

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