I’m not a teacher, get me out of here!

Many parents find homeschooling difficult

With schools shut parents find themselves once again taking the reigns when it comes to teaching their little bundles of joys. Whilst some mums and dads may rise to this challenge with ease, others find themselves feeling like fish out of water.

If you find yourself falling more into the latter category then you’re in good company. Many parents have reported feeling inadequate as teachers and that home schooling has become an added stress in their lives on top of the many other challenges that the pandemic has created.

Pre-teaching routine for parents

It is also vital that home schooling does not become a source of stress or guilt for parents. If as a parent your own mental health or ability to cope is compromised you are less able to focus on your most important priority.

This priority is to help your children to feel safe and loved. With that in mind it’s helpful to develop your own routine to calm your mind and body before you begin teaching your child.

Khody Damestani, co-founder of mental fitness company, Mymindpal, recommends the following routine.

“Start by taking three deep breaths. Notice any tension in your body and just relax those muscles. Next say the following words to yourself in a gentle and kind tone of voice. Calm, safe, relaxed. I’ll just do my best. Now repeat that routine one more time”.