Time To Evolve From Our Fight Or Flight Instinct

The mind and the body

Mental health problems are often described as the invisible struggles that happen inside an individual’s head.

While this is true, it is important to recognise that these internal battles are not confined exclusively to what’s going on upstairs; the body is very much involved as well. In fact, there are a number of fields of therapy that believe that it is the body and not the mind that will provide you with the insights and understanding to become well again.

Somatic methods

Somatic methods involve connecting with and exploring bodily sensations under the supervision of trained professionals. This examination will allow us to gain awareness of emotions, images and insights that were previously inaccessible to us, and subsequently become conscious of the experiences that are the root course of our symptoms.

Khody Damestani, co-founder of mental health and wellbeing company, MyMindPal, says:

“Stress and anxiety affect both our minds and our bodies.The exciting fields of body therapy offer another avenue by which stress and anxiety can be released and relief from mental health problems can be achieved.”