Tiers for Fears

So lockdown is about to come to an end and we can begin to return to experiencing a sense of freedom and autonomy once more. But that’s not how many people feel as we enter a revised tier system that sees many parts of the country facing more restrictions than before lockdown.

The fact of the matter is that many people were looking forward to lockdown ending and whilst they were not expecting things to return to normal overnight they were at least hoping for a sense of relief.

Therapist & co-founder of mental fitness company, Mymindpal has this to say.

“It is clear that many people now feel that they have reached the threshold of their tolerance. The ongoing restriction of their autonomy will not only have an impact on their mental health but might also begin to undermine their motivation to remain compliant with government restrictions”.

“As part of our suite of tools we include exercises such as mindfulness and progressive muscular relaxation that help you to manage and release some of those frustrations that have been building up.”