The window of tolerance for our beloved NHS workers is almost shut.

Only a short time ago we clapped in the streets to recognise the immense burden placed on NHS key workers during the pandemic.

These front line heroes were fighting an uphill battle every day to protect and serve our entire nation.

Now they need our help and support more than ever. Hospital resources can no longer meet the demand and levels of reasonable patient care.

Doctors, nurses, paramedics, HCA’s, and many more are reporting feelings of being overwhelmed and overworked, whilst being physically and mentally exhausted.

Founder thoughts

We asked Khody Damestani, Therapist, and founder of MyMindPal, for his advice on how NHS staff might use simple techniques to manage their daily stress levels. 

This is what he said :

“It’s a good idea to calm and prepare your body before you start your shift.  Begin by directing your attention to your body and noticing any areas of tension.  Then take a nice long deep breath in and as you breathe out relax the areas of your body that are holding tension.

Repeat this 5 times.  Next take a moment to prepare your mind. Remind yourself of all the times that you have dealt with difficult situations in the past.  Remind yourself that even though they were very uncomfortable, that you tolerated them. 

Tell yourself that you have coped with difficult situations in the past and are therefore able to cope with them in the future as well.  Use these techniques at any point throughout the day if you feel that you are starting to feel stressed or overwhelmed. “