Gen Z Mental Health Decline & Support

The problem we can’t ignore

A series of consumer surveys and interviews conducted by McKinsey finds Gen Zers reporting the least positive life outlook, including lower levels of emotional and social well-being than older generations.

Social Media Impact

It found one in four Gen Z members – those born in the late 1990s and early 2000s – connect spending a lot of time on these platforms with poorer mental health.

Expert insights

Jason Blyth, Co-founder of MyMindPal shares his thoughts…

‘A combination of unhelpful societal narratives, social media and world events has led to a huge increase in anxiety levels, depression, self harm and suicide, amongst young people.

Social media platforms themselves are not the problem.

A combination of the type of content itself, as well as passively and endless scrolling is linked to a decline in wellbeing levels over time.

We were hugely encouraged when a group of young adults enlisted to support their piers and create content that improves rather than attacks the wellbeing of others.

It is with great personal pride that I can announce that the Gen Z contributor series is now available within the MyMindPal App.’